Sunday, July 4, 2010

All about the dogs...

Wow, it's been too long...

Back in Minneapolis and had a VERY rough start since last fall.
I'm getting a little more on track but still struggling like crazy.

Painting is going ok...have some stuff on sale at a shop in NE Mpls...

My artistic motivation is at an all time low and it sucks. My brain is filled with too much other crap. But, I'm used to comes in waves. Oh well.

In an attempt to re-charge my batteries and create a more positive outlook on my life, I've made a pretty big change. I've done endless soul-searching and talked to friends and family and have had positive feedback. It's still a little scary but I'm going to give it all that I have to make it work.

That's right...I'm devoting my time to getting a business going; Dog-walking and Pet Care.
Right now I just want to foster a more simple, independent life for myself.
Being with dogs seems right.