Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Promoting others

I've been trying to figure out how to promote other Etsians in my blog. I asked around but it looks like the best way is to go the html coding route, manually. Which is fine with me....I've fairly html savvy, at least enough to produce the things I want.

I think it's important to pay it forward with your marketing strategies. I had someone email me on Etsy saying that I had been featured in her blog with some other artists. I was very flattered. Because of this, I'm going to start doing some things that I've been wanting to do in my blog...promoting other artists.

With that said, here is a favorite of mine:

I have found that I have a passion for certain types of artwork. I'm not sure if there is a name for this style but I'm very drawn to it.

This is from Yellena's Etsy Shop.

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Yellena's Etsy Shop

So be sure to check out my fellow artists! Also, like I it forward!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I had been looking for a way to transfer certain designs to my pots because the style was so amazing....and it's difficult for me to draw them free hand. Some of the styles I like are very symmetrical and it's nearly impossible to recreate it.
So, I found some fabric transfer paper in my sewing junk and it worked great! I was able to transfer some amazing art nouveau designs and am now painting some of them (sorry, no pics yet).
However, as I have been playing around with this technique, I have come to feel as though it's not really "mine". All my other designs have been drawn free hand and inspired by other designs or things I've found in nature. I'll finish the ones I have started but I don't think I'll continue with this technique. Still, I feel like I don't have as many creative inspirations as before. Still plugging away though!
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Graveyard shifts

It was a long weekend and I'm a little pooped. However, I now have to plan my day strategically. I start working graveyard shifts this week and my first one is tonight at midnight. I'm looking forward to it but worried about how my body and brain are going to handle it.

I'm finally going to be making an appointment to get my livescan fingerprints done this week. Sheesh! Not having that has kept me from so many jobs! Now I'll be able to pick up work with Mad Science and start subbing. I've been so damn broke that I couldn't pay for the certification and fingerprint scan.

Speaking of being broke...I worked out a trade deal with Jack's acupuncture vet. I'm going to make her a few scarves for her acupuncture sessions with Jack. It's a pretty good deal actually. I already gave her one of them.

Too bad I can't do something like this to pay my rent....and the cable bill, my car insurance, electric bill, etc. Would be nice, hey?

Posted some new stuff...check 'em out!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Carpal Tunnel

I'm taking part in one of the virtual labs on Etsy this morning. It's really an amazing resource to educated yourself on the workings of Etsy. I've learned so much. However, it's getting a little difficult to do anything for an extended period because my wrist has been really hurting. I was opening a bottle of meds at work the other day and twisted it wrong and almost started to cry. For a couple hours after that I couldn't pick anything up or scruff a cat or much of anything. I wrapped an ice pack around it for a bit and it seemed to get a little better. I'm just so aggravated at having this chronic pain and being inhibited by it. I've been trying to wear my wrist guard all day but that gets annoying too. As long as I can still paint it's all good!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Looks like I may start working the graveyard shifts at the hospital. I wouldn't have dreamed about even picking up a shift like that but now things are a little different. Plus I'll get $2 more/hr. I'm pretty much a night owl anyway and I work at my art best in the evenings. Also, the dogs never really let me sleep for more than 4-5 hrs at a time! I just hope it doesn't screw up my system too much.

I gave Jackson his first water therapy bath tonight. I wanted to take pictures and some video but my camera batteries pooped out on me. I'm def going to do it again though. However, I don't think he liked it too much...he mostly looked nervous and shaky. Plus, my bathtub won't fill up enough to allow him to float/swim without touching the bottom. He's doing great otherwise. But his acupuncture dr. said he's too lean and needs to put on a little more weight. And here I was feeding him light meals because I didn't want him to get fat knowing he's been so sedentary.

Still looking for another job currently...and wishing and praying A LOT!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Have you seen my mojo?

I don't know if I was just tired last night or seriously losing my artistic mojo. I just had nothing new in my head. I'd been searching for some new design styles and can't seem to come up with anything I like. Well, that's not entirely true...I often see a ton of cool stuff I like and could put my own stink on it, but painting it on a ceramic pot is another challenge.

I've been looking for some inspiration through google images. I look up a lot of art deco and art nouveau styles.

I absolutely love designs like this and I'm trying to come up with my own technique a la deco and nouveau. With deco, however, there are many geometric styles and lines and that's a huge challenge to transfer that type of style to a round pot. I was thinking of trying a stencil but I'm used to just drawing everything freehand on my pots. I need a new sketch book!

On the plus side, I am still working hard on my ACEOs.

On the negative side, I have to cancel a sale on Etsy because this bitch didn't pay me after ordering 2 sets of pots...grrrr! I really needed that money too.
OK, well wish me luck for today...job interview then painting.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Outside light GOOD.

Well I managed to take some great photos yesterday. Fourth time is the charm?
I just set them on my steps outside at around noon.

This means I'm going to have to coordinate my photo sessions for the same time. But that's least my pics are looking better for Etsy.
I did a ton of painting last night and also managed to come up with a few new designs (stay tuned).

Looks like I'll be doing more of that today.
Oh! Jack is walking around so much better now! The problem is deterring him from jumping up to say HI. Duchess used to do that a lot's definitely a small dog thing.

Be sure to check out my fellow Etsians' shops!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slept 7 hours last night

Well I'm hoping I got some good sleep last night. Jack actually lets me sleep in....unlike Hosmer and Irma who jump out of bed if I move a half inch!

Today I will be finishing some pots and taking pics using the natural light of the day. I have a really great camera but I'm an absolute retard in taking good photos. I need some guidance. I want to have amazing pics for my Etsy shop.
I'll have to work on it.

Also, I'm looking forward to dinner tonight. Michele is coming over to watch American Idol and we're making jalapeno cheeseburgers. I don't think she knows I'm here though...she spends most of the time talking to the dogs!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I started making ACEOs a few weeks ago and now I'm totally hooked. They're so much fun to make and I've gotten some good responses from people at work whom I've showed them to. Also, since I don't really have professional business cards yet, it's kinda nice to carry them around with me and show people what I do.

I've been reading from some others that they too have a lot of fun making their ACEOs and ATCs.

For those that don't know....

I've also heard that some can fetch about $30-40 on eBay! I haven't posted them on their yet but I definitely will.