Sunday, July 4, 2010

All about the dogs...

Wow, it's been too long...

Back in Minneapolis and had a VERY rough start since last fall.
I'm getting a little more on track but still struggling like crazy.

Painting is going ok...have some stuff on sale at a shop in NE Mpls...

My artistic motivation is at an all time low and it sucks. My brain is filled with too much other crap. But, I'm used to comes in waves. Oh well.

In an attempt to re-charge my batteries and create a more positive outlook on my life, I've made a pretty big change. I've done endless soul-searching and talked to friends and family and have had positive feedback. It's still a little scary but I'm going to give it all that I have to make it work.

That's right...I'm devoting my time to getting a business going; Dog-walking and Pet Care.
Right now I just want to foster a more simple, independent life for myself.
Being with dogs seems right.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ode to a Dachshund

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love dachshunds. Here are some of my favorites from Etsy. Be sure to support hard-working artists and BUY HANDMADE!

Pet Bed - Eco Friendly Fleece Jemma the Dachshund Leather Purse
2.5 Mini Dachshund No.67GOOD DOGGY (Dachshund) - Scrabble Tile Pendant
Dachshund Skeledog T-shirtBlue Cone Dog
Original Painting DOXIE TRIO 8x16DACHSHUND records album style artwork on canvas original design
Be sure to check out my shop too! Monkey Junkie Goods

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Vintage Pink Kitchen

I promised myself that the next time I had my own place, I would have my vintage pink kitchen. I'm almost there! My wonderful aunt keeps sending me some adorable pink kitchen items and I have some additional things from estate sales, eBay, etc. Now, in keeping with my previous post of promoting other Etsy sellers/artists, I've finally figured out how to make a mini-gallery. You can click on each item to be linked to that seller's shop. Here are some fabulous vintage pink kitchen items that I've got my eye on!

2 Pastel 50s Retro Atomic Tall Juice GlassesVintage pink Chinese party lanternPink Glass Condiment Dish
Vintage Pyrex pink gooseberry cinderella bowlVintage Carlsbad Porcelain Tea Setvintage 50s pink aluminum TEA canister
Pink and White 50s or 60s Sugar BowlVintage 1964 Calender ApronVintage Lustro Ware Pink Cake Carrier
Monkey Junkie Goods

Friday, May 29, 2009

I can sorta breathe again...

Well teaching that class and working graveyard shifts really wiped me out. I'm definitely not complaining...I love being busy. However, it really took a lot of time away from my blogging and Twittering and basically promoting my shop.
I was able to drop off more of my pots and my favorite Ocean Beach coffee shop though, Jungle Java.

Jungle Java

The owner of the coffee shop has been so nice to me over the past few years letting me have some of my items for sale. It's the perfect place too. She has a beautiful garden setting and wants to promote local artists who market their crafts to the "green thumbs".
It's been a great way to get some of my pots out there until I can figure out if I want to do the local OB Farmer's Market.

I have still been painting like a crazy woman though...I will always seem to find time for that. But I've been slacking on following through with some other stuff; taking photos, posting on Etsy, etc. I'm slowly getting back into it.
I have a few new items with new designs posted this week. Check 'em out!

More blogging to come soon...stay tuned!

"Irma Basking in the Sun"

Saturday, April 25, 2009

5:30 am.

I got up at 5:30am this morning.
Because I'm used to being at work at this time in the mornings lately.
The graveyard shifts, I unfortunately have to admit, are kinda kicking my ass. Plus the teaching job makes it really hard to find time to sleep as well as prepare lectures. But I really really don't want to sound like I'm complaining at all. I'm so happy to have this teaching job. Some of the students are really getting to me though. I totally embarrassed one kid during class because he was playing with hi iPhone all the way through a video clip I was showing. GRRRR! I asked him to tell me what the video was about and he stammered and finally admitted he had no idea...little shithead. I have zero tolerance for not paying attention in my class, especially when it's only a 50 minute class. I mean, come on!

Anyway, enough about that....can you tell that my fatigue is making me a grumpus?

So the other thing that is kind of a bummer is that I haven't been putting much time into my Etsy shop as much as I'd like to. I haven't listed a new item in a couple weeks....eeeek! But, I took an R&R day today from work. After this I'm going to take the dogs to the coffee shop and then to dog beach to run around for a while. After that I'm going to run some errands and have the rest of the day to play around. Well, I do have to work on the lecture for Monday but at least I won't be at work until 5pm today.

Here are a couple pictures of my goods so you guys don't forget about me!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where have I been???

Wow, I didn't realize that it had been so long since I blogged. I guess I've been rather busy...and tired. I started working graveyard shifts at the hospital so I'm playing catch-up with my sleep constantly. Also, I started subbing for a class at the University, Physical Anthropology 101. The professor that I used to TA for had to take a medical leave of absence for the rest of the semester and they asked me to fill in for her. Actually, it's pretty great....awesome experience for me and hopefully it'll lead to something else for the summer or next fall.

But apart from that I'm still painting and still promoting on Etsy. This week's featured seller, I swear, could be my long lost twin. Check out her bio and shop....

Monkeys Always Look

Well I have to get back to bed days and night pretty much just consist of long naps these days for about as long as the dogs will let me sleep.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Promoting others

I've been trying to figure out how to promote other Etsians in my blog. I asked around but it looks like the best way is to go the html coding route, manually. Which is fine with me....I've fairly html savvy, at least enough to produce the things I want.

I think it's important to pay it forward with your marketing strategies. I had someone email me on Etsy saying that I had been featured in her blog with some other artists. I was very flattered. Because of this, I'm going to start doing some things that I've been wanting to do in my blog...promoting other artists.

With that said, here is a favorite of mine:

I have found that I have a passion for certain types of artwork. I'm not sure if there is a name for this style but I'm very drawn to it.

This is from Yellena's Etsy Shop.

Buy Handmade
Yellena's Etsy Shop

So be sure to check out my fellow artists! Also, like I it forward!