Friday, May 29, 2009

I can sorta breathe again...

Well teaching that class and working graveyard shifts really wiped me out. I'm definitely not complaining...I love being busy. However, it really took a lot of time away from my blogging and Twittering and basically promoting my shop.
I was able to drop off more of my pots and my favorite Ocean Beach coffee shop though, Jungle Java.

Jungle Java

The owner of the coffee shop has been so nice to me over the past few years letting me have some of my items for sale. It's the perfect place too. She has a beautiful garden setting and wants to promote local artists who market their crafts to the "green thumbs".
It's been a great way to get some of my pots out there until I can figure out if I want to do the local OB Farmer's Market.

I have still been painting like a crazy woman though...I will always seem to find time for that. But I've been slacking on following through with some other stuff; taking photos, posting on Etsy, etc. I'm slowly getting back into it.
I have a few new items with new designs posted this week. Check 'em out!

More blogging to come soon...stay tuned!

"Irma Basking in the Sun"

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