Friday, March 6, 2009

Have you seen my mojo?

I don't know if I was just tired last night or seriously losing my artistic mojo. I just had nothing new in my head. I'd been searching for some new design styles and can't seem to come up with anything I like. Well, that's not entirely true...I often see a ton of cool stuff I like and could put my own stink on it, but painting it on a ceramic pot is another challenge.

I've been looking for some inspiration through google images. I look up a lot of art deco and art nouveau styles.

I absolutely love designs like this and I'm trying to come up with my own technique a la deco and nouveau. With deco, however, there are many geometric styles and lines and that's a huge challenge to transfer that type of style to a round pot. I was thinking of trying a stencil but I'm used to just drawing everything freehand on my pots. I need a new sketch book!

On the plus side, I am still working hard on my ACEOs.

On the negative side, I have to cancel a sale on Etsy because this bitch didn't pay me after ordering 2 sets of pots...grrrr! I really needed that money too.
OK, well wish me luck for today...job interview then painting.

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Jeanne Selep said...

I like going to the art museum when I need inspiration. But it looks like your are busy! Searching famous artists on line in photos also is fun for inspiration. Try Klimit, Warhol, others....